It’s the creative heart which breathes life into the economy

An article in the Guardian talks about the importance of creativity in technology:

Don’t misunderstand me; I love new technology and I’m fascinated by the way it continues to transform lumbering industry archetypes like music and publishing, but I think the creativity within and around the technology is often overlooked.

Can you imagine a tech company without a creative and artistic contribution? Myspace without music and pictures, Facebook without faces, Twitter without @kanyewest? Of course, without artists all of these sites would look a bit like MSDOS and Apple would have simply ceased to be.

There seems to be a lack of acknowledgement of the contribution of the arts to the economy, yet in the UK:

According to the Creative Industries Economic Estimates report 2010 produced by DCMS, the creative industries in all their splendour represented 5.14% of the UK’s employment total, 10.6% of exports and 2.89% of GVA (Gross Added Value, like GDP but leaner and meaner). According to Wikipedia, the manufacturing sector accounted for 8.2% of the workforce and 12% of the national output.


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